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On the Outside: 

- Name: Carolina
- Eye Color: dark brown
- Hair Style/color: brown and extremely curly
- Height: 5’2”
- Clothing style: casual
- Best physical feature: none 

On The Inside: 
- Your fears: failure, spiders, rejection 
- Your guilty pleasure: bad TV
- Ambitions for the future: Writer/happy


- Your first thoughts waking up: What time is it? 

- What you think about before bed: Oh, you know. Life…the universe…and everything.
- You think your best quality is: my humor?

What’s better?

- Single or group dates: Single
- To be loved or respected: both

- Beauty or brains: definitely brains
- Dogs or cats: cats

Do you:

- Lie: yes

- Believe in yourself: rarely

- Believe in love: not at this time

- Want someone: possibly


- Been on stage: not to perform

- Done drugs: no

- Changed who you were to fit in: no

- Favorite color: yellow
- Favorite animal: cats

- Favorite movie: Pan’s Labyrinth

- Favorite game: does tetris count?


- Day your next birthday will be: July 19

- How old will you be: twenty-three

- Does age matter: always

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